Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Save Money on Lunch

Are you like me? Working 9 to 5? I work in Los Angeles and there are thousands of food options near my place of work. I love the option of being able to choose from so many options. Of course with options comes expensive prices. Lunch usually ranges between $10-$20, not bad for a lunch. But if you add that for a week that could easily turn into a $50-$100 gone in just one meal. Ouch! I have plenty of friends who love to eat out during lunch and believe me I love to eat out as well. But, when you take a look at the big picture it is not worth it, it is just a meal. So here are some tips I came up with that can help you save money on lunch as well.

MYOL (Make Your Own Lunch):

This is not a hard task, especially if you love to cook. I usually pack my lunch in the morning. It can be any flavor of sandwiches.  You are the chef of your lunch so be creative and make a lunch you are actually going to look forward to eat.

Frozen Entrées:

Frozen entrées are also popular substitute for going out to eat for lunch as well. Of course this requires a little bit of planning on your side. You should pick the meals you would enjoy from your grocer's freezer section. Also be careful of the high amounts of sodium and other preservatives these frozen entrées then to pack with them. Basically you can plan your lunches out for the whole week all while doing grocery shopping.

Take Leftovers:

I love taking leftovers to work. I am not a cook but my fiancée loves to cook and we usually cook enough to make an extra meal or two out of it. I use that as a perfect opportunity to pack the leftover as my lunch. Not only am I saving money I am enjoying some  home cooked meals as well.

Potluck with buddies:

If there are other co-workers you have lunch with regularly then ask them if they would be interested in doing a potluck style lunch with you? You don't need to email the entire office but just your friends at work and see if  can get a little crowd going. You get to taste the different food along with yours and usually at potlucks there is plenty of food available for even more leftovers. Make someone responsible for organizing the potluck and you are all set. This way you can avoid boredom with your meals and you are also making it an activity.

Of course remember that just like anyone else it can get boring to eat at your desk, so make sure you check out the scenery around your work. If there is a park or a recreational area, make it a point to visit it during lunch. You'll not only enjoy the outdoors you will also get some much needed break from your office desk.

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