Monday, January 31, 2011

A Letter To Costco from an Angry Customer

Dear Costco,

I usually love you, but my visit to your place yesterday just perturbed me to no end. I usually like to go grocery shopping on Sundays towards the end of the day. Why because usually the afternoon rush is long gone. Well not at your place, to my surprise the parking lot was packed to the rim.

Eventually I made it inside only to find all the people with those cars in the parking lot are all congregating inside of you as if I was late for some party. I had trouble navigating my large cart around inside the store. For a while I didn't want to run anyone over with my cart but I have a short fuse and I was going to start nudging people just to get them to speed up their slow pace but the inner Buddha in me told me to calm down.

So Costco these are my reasons why I think my $100 membership is not worth it. Other than paying the extra $50 for the membership I do not feel special. Shouldn't you have two checkout lines dedicated for Executive Members?  Costco you are more than welcome to dedicate three or four checkout lanes for Executive Members. I'll leave it up to you define the logistics.

My second complaint is that you have too much crap in your aisles, especially near the checkout area. When the lines are spilling into your aisles it gets beyond worse. Your aisles near the checkout area either need to be eliminated or at least widened. When all those people are waiting in line to checkout, I can't go in there with my cart to buy something because your aisles just cannot afford to fit two enormous carts side by side. Oh yes and if you are going to have demos for crap people normally wouldn't buy, why not create a staging area for them to demo the crap. I normally don't go to Costco to taste every single thing 4-5 times like some people do but all these little demonstrations do is create headache for other people. People just stand and wait for batch after batch of the free stuff, of course they have their enormously large shopping carts with them as well to block the rest of us normal folks from entering the aisles to shop.

I am contemplating checking out your archenemy Sam's Club, but I am sure I will end up dealing with the same crap over there. So please I beg you to do something.

Your devoted customer

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