Thursday, January 20, 2011

OEM Shop on, A Great Vendor

OEM Shop is a vendor that sell many gadgets and electronics on I recently purchased apple earphones with a mic from them. The reason I chose them over other vendors was because they offered free shipping, the cost of these earphones was almost half off the price Apple was selling on their website. The reason I bought these was because I cannot find the earphones my iPhone came with, quite possibly because I might have misplaced them when I moved from my apartment. I was not going to shell out $30 for earphones, good thing Amazon had them for little over $15 sold by OEM Shop. I ordered the earphones and they came in less than 5 days (I chose the free shipping route).

I tried on the iPhone earphones with my phone, placed some calls and I was definitely satisfied with my purchase. It was definitely worth the price and it was delivered to me exactly when they would. However, with keeping my phone in my pocket and pulling on the earphone cable I noticed that the plastic covering that shields the copper wires was lose. I did not think much of it at the time and continued to use my earphones. It did not make any difference in the audio for me at that time.

So I like to do dishes while listening to music. I enjoy listening to music because it helps me concentrate on doing dishes without cussing under my breath about having to do dishes. Just like any other day I put on my iPhone earphones on and get Pandora app started on my iPhone. Just when the music starts playing I am hearing music but only from my right ear. For a good minute I thought it was me, I switch earphones onto different ears, now no music blasting in my right ear (because I switched earphones from one ear to another). I am very disappointed, I go find my Apple iPod earphones from the last decade and put them on. Music to my ears! But, I just paid $15 for Apple Earphones with mic that don't work! argh! Million thoughts run in my head. What am I going to do with this now useless earphones? It was just over a week ago I got them in my hands and they are going to the trash? I couldn't just let that happen.

So the very next day, I thought to myself. I've read plenty of stories on to know that I should at least try to see if I can return these earphones or at least get a replacement. So I am scavenging through Amazon's website trying to figure out if I can return them. I look all over My Account. I read all the fine print after finding out I have a defective or just broken product. I should have read them BEFORE I bought them. I needed original packaging etc etc. These earphones came wrapped in a little plastic bag, covered by an Amazon cardboard box. I don't have any of that! Oh yes not to mention, I threw out the twig tie that kept these earphones nice and tidy in the plastic bag. I'm screwed, could I fool these guys by sending the earphones back in a zip lock bag? Well I didn't have the balls to try it. So I contacted OEM Shop. Filled out my little Amazon form and now I was part of the waiting game.

I didn't know if anyone was going to respond, they could've easily pressed Delete for this email i just sent. I wasn't angry with them. After all its a thing, and all things can break at some point. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that they wouldn't send me a defective product. So 24 Hours have passed and I get an email from the OEM Shop. I am scared to open it, will it be filled with reject? Will they call me names? Will there be a "too bad sucker" in size 72 font as a reply? Well of course not! Les thats the guy or girl who replied was apologetic, and said they've issued a replacement set of earphones in my name! Wow, they went well above and beyond for my $15 earphones. So the least I could do was write a big THANK YOU to Les and everyone at OEM Shop. You made my day with your excellent customer service.

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