Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Technology Ruining Our Lives and Our Thinning Our Wallets?

Remember that first cellphone you got? I got my first cellphone 12 years back. It was a foot long and the antenna was another foot long when extended. Now looking at my current cellphone I am amazed how technology has changed in the past decade.

With so many new innovations in the tech field it has also led to a lot of frivolous spending. Back in 1999 I believe my cellphone was free and I didn't sign a long term contract. Now if you want a decent cellphone you need to shell out $100-200. Is it now just a hook for Network carriers to hook customers into long term  contracts.

Remember the days before cellphones? People used landlines and sent actual letters in the mail. Now one can send an email while sitting on the can or send a text message to get the point across.
What I am getting to here is that with technology our lives have become simpler but at what cost. My question to you is if it is worth it? Does the added cost help you in anyway & is it worth the cost?

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